Free Closet Design Tool


Free Closet Design Tool If you have a good odd-shaped closet design, you can include tension rods in the edges perpendicular to your main clothes rod. This will give you additional space to hang items, which is a good place to store much less popular clothing choices. You are able to reclaim wall space that is not currently covered by clothing, by adding tow hooks. If you have enough wall space, organized rows of hooks for things such as belts, purses, and outdoor jackets. You can even use larger rod-type hooks to store additional t-shirts and pants along the wall space.

Larger hooks placed on the door on the inside of the wardrobe allow you to hang seldom-used things such as suitcases or luggage. Any lightweight, seasonal apparel can then be stored out of the way within the suitcases. Do not forget that the back of the door can be used for more space for storage, too. Hooks and towel-type rods attached here are a terrific way to store scarves and footwear.

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