Walk In Closet 5 X 8


Walk In Closet 5 X 8 Make better use of your own personal hangers. You can hang several garments in one spot simply by adding to your hangers. Soda pop tabs slipped over the connect allows for another hanger to slide onto the first, creating far more space on the rod. You may also use this method to pair bits you commonly wear with each other or prepare outfits before an event. You can also use stores and s-hooks for more durable options than soda tab. Use the door. Dangling an extra small rod inside the door can be great for holding scarves, hats, and even handbags.

Walk In Closet 5 X 8 Get rid of out-of-season apparel. There is no need to waste useful closet space on objects you won't be wearing for ages. Buy a cool, vintage shoe to store these items of garments in and have it dual as a bench or espresso table. When the seasons alter, simply switch out the apparel in the trunk. Take advantage of dead space. Most people no longer consider the sides of their cabinets as valuable storage places. Hang tiny rods about the sides and use them to get smaller items like sleeveless covers and shorts.

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