Walk In Closet Design Dimensions


Walk In Closet Design Dimensions Now that you know what you need to work with lets get into designing your custom cabinet. You could purchase a complete dresser kit that everything simply fits together, or produce a completely custom closet along with hand crafted cabinets and woodwork. The approach we will consider is a way to get in which fully custom look if you take advantage of furniture that is readably available. Depending upon what your finances is, you may be able to find a new dresser for as little as $30 at a yard sale, or even more upscale with a vintage furniture piece that can become the focal point on your closet. Remember a wardrobe is not just for storage, yet can also be an extension of your living area.

Walk In Closet Design Dimensions A unique approach to creating a personalized closet is to use antique home furniture or other furniture you purchased at a flea market. Often the furniture does not have to be in wonderful condition but you do prefer that it functions properly, storage and doors work well, along with will fit into the space you will have defined. For small storage room areas, the biggest challenge is to find a furniture piece that fits, and also is proportionate to the place.

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