Walk In Closet Design Guidelines


Walk In Closet Design Guidelines Observe how high you can reach inside your closet with a hanger. You and your designer may want to place a dangling bar up high to create space below for drawers as well as shelves. Take a measurement showing how high you can comfortably attain with the hook of the hanger. Don't forget to consider the other people that could share this closet together with you. If you're taller than these, you may want to take their dimension instead. You wouldn't would like to find out later that your spouse can't reach the top nightclub.

Walk In Closet Design Guidelines Let your closet leader know if you have any interests that require storage of unique items. If you play rugby, you may want a special area of the storage room to be designated for your golf gear, including clothing, stockings, sweatbands and bags. When you are designing a closet which will hold a lot of sports gear, you may want one side in the closet to be reserved for this purpose. Special containers holds balls, while clamps, shelf and specialty hangers can take bats, hockey sticks, pucks, skates, and cleats. Keeping in mind what is important to you will help your own designer to prioritize typically the spaces that they create.

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